The act of calling for deer is to imitate sounds deer make in order to attract them to your area. Calling tactics include grunts, bleats, rattling, snort wheeze and more.
   This is a term that is used to refer to imitating different sounds that the deer make so that they can be lured into shooting range.
   Sounds made by the hunter to lure a gobbler into gun range. Calling is not limited to the use of hen or gobbler voice imitations. To mimic other sounds made by turkeys, many hunters scratch in the leaves, beat a turkey's wing against tree limbs and bushes, or slap the sides of their legs with their gloved hands.
   Sweet Calling -- Any turkey voice imitation performed with a smooth, clear, crisp tone. A sweet call may be compared to a love ballad.
   Raspy Calling -- Any turkey voice imitation performed with a coarse tone. Think of a raspy call as one made by a hen with a sore throat or the beginnings of laryngitis. To understand the difference between a sweet call and a raspy call, imagine the same love ballad being sung by Barbara Streisand (sweet) and Willie Nelson (raspy). Just as some people prefer Streisand while others like Nelson better, so there are some turkeys that will come to sweet calling and other that will be pulled in by raspy calling. And some turkeys will come to both types of calling. Others, however, will not come to any kind of calling at all.

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